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As more and more people have tendency to use internet as a unified platform for their communication and entertainment needs and as the TV keeps its position as the primary mass media, internet TV creates high value for operators.

Having seen this as an opportunity to create an effective point of reach with their subscribers, Alfa, a Lebanese mobile network managed by Orascom Telecom has launched the “Alfa Mobile TV” service powered by Argela ITV platform. The service will enable Alfa’s data customers to watch TV and movies on various devices through Alfa’s 3G and 4G networks or through WIFI. The service provides the subscribers with the ability to watch live TV channels and Video on Demand (VOD) content on their tablets and smartphones.

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Set-top box virtualization should increase service velocity and subscriber reach for pay-TV operators while simultaneously reducing capex and opex, according to a presentation by ActiveVideo at the “CDN World Summit/TV In The Cloud” conference. 

At the event, Sachin Sathaye, vice president, product marketing for ActiveVideo, drew a distinction between the benefits of two different approaches: virtualization of STB functionality entirely in the cloud; and “native operator app” approaches that merely shift resources from the STB to connected TVs and other devices on the customer premises.


Launching a television station is expensive and has its hurdles. Expensive as in each megahertz of bandwidth on that bird in the sky (read: satellite) is upwards of a few thousand dollars a month. Taking into consideration that you need at least three megahertz of satellite direct to home (DTH) satellite bandwidth, you can easily see how this can become a quarter of a million dollars a year affair. What I personally don’t like about this is that there are no metrics for this kind of investment. I have to hire a marketing research firm to do an omnibus survey, then get them to issue a press release saying I have ‘X’ number of viewers, within these age groups, and they kind of enjoy this kind of content. Basically, I could have wet my finger, stuck it out the window and gotten the same results based on anecdotal feedback at no cost at all.