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Launching a television station is expensive and has its hurdles. Expensive as in each megahertz of bandwidth on that bird in the sky (read: satellite) is upwards of a few thousand dollars a month. Taking into consideration that you need at least three megahertz of satellite direct to home (DTH) satellite bandwidth, you can easily see how this can become a quarter of a million dollars a year affair. What I personally don’t like about this is that there are no metrics for this kind of investment. I have to hire a marketing research firm to do an omnibus survey, then get them to issue a press release saying I have ‘X’ number of viewers, within these age groups, and they kind of enjoy this kind of content. Basically, I could have wet my finger, stuck it out the window and gotten the same results based on anecdotal feedback at no cost at all.

Then there are the hoops that you need to jump through with the government in getting licensed that can be anything from a straight ‘no’, to showing you have financial capability, to having restraints on what kind of content you can broadcast.

On the web with Over the Top (OTT) video, live or on demand, anyone can say they are ‘dog’, but at least I can count the fleas on that dog. I can tell you how long people watched, what kind of device they used, what operating system their device has, the browser they used, what screen size they had, and when they were watching.

Now you have metrics for your investment in the shape of cold hard indisputable numbers.

You can take those same results and have them passed on to an media buying unit, and trust me, they will offer you fair price for advertising sales. You can sell sponsorship to special interest groups. By knowing how people watch, what they watch and when they watch, you essentially have hard cold numbers to guide you on how to tweak your content production or programming, and engage audiences better.

At the operation level, you can basically run start this whole operation with a few cameras and PCs, and focus on the content production as opposed to how to get on air, which for a DTH focused operations starts at $150,000 in capital expenditures. To operate, account for at least $25,000 a month in staff overheads. You can integrate this broadcast experience with social media on the fly and add interactivity at will.

If you like the results, you can then move on to the big leagues of direct to home satellite TV and augmenting your OTT presence. You can even do different kinds of ‘editions’ of your broadcast, one for OTT and one for DTH. If your content is popular enough, and marketed properly, then you will essentially finance your DTH operation with the revenues you generate through your OTT presence.

Having a solid foundation like will mean that you have a TV channel that runs like it should — a well-earning business.