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KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait, November 6, 2013 | Elements Systems, the Arab world’s leading next generation broadcast solutions provider, was selected XXX by Wesal TV, a station focused on addressing social issues in the Arab world, for the delivery of the station's direct to home (DTH) signal over Elements content delivery network (CDN).


Wesal TV will produce content at its main studio in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and stream its signal live using Elements CDN Professional Video Delivery service to the Gulfsat DTH facility in the heart of Kuwait in a robust, reliable and cost effective manner.

Elements CDN Professional Video Delivery service allows stations to stream their signal live to key teleports in the Arab World, including Gulfsat in Kuwait, Jordan Media City and JASCO in Amman, NoorSat in Manama, TwoFour54 in the United Arab Emirates, as well as ViewSat in London. By reaching these teleports, TV stations can transmit their signals on frequencies over NileSat, EutelSat West, Hotbird and ArabSat.

Professional Video Delivery over Elements CDN is built around a 99.95 reliability philosophy and commitment with redundant connectivity starting from the last mile at the client premises and travelling over multiple international gateways, hardware redundancy with hot standby encoders and decoders, and a management and monitoring system that allows the Elements System network operations center staff to track and troubleshoot all issues quickly and efficiently.

Elements Systems operates in three areas key to transforming the Arab broadcast market: content delivery networks (CDNs), broadcast system integration and content development. Elements Systems has CDN nodes at key Arab teleports and key country markets, among them, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The company provides integrated broadcast solutions in partnership with BlackMagic Design, ClearCom, DVEO, Miranda, PlayBox, Sony, among others. To complete the circle, Elements Systems provides its growing customer base with Content Development solutions revolving around 3D channel identity executions, post-production services, content transcoding, video centric web development.

About Elements Systems (www.elementssys.com) Elements Systems operates out of the Arab world in three key broadcast market areas: content delivery networks, broadcast system integration, interactive content production. Operating in these three areas of next generation broadcasting, we deliver solutions that create real value for our clients every day, so that we can change the face of the Arab broadcast industry, one experience at a time.