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AMMAN, Jordan, January 20, 2013 | Elements Systems, the Arab world’s leading next generation broadcast solutions provider, is bringing TV stations online and over the top (OTT) with its multiscreen TV Streaming service.


TV Streaming service allows television stations to bring mirror their conventional broadcast Over the Top (OTT). The service is essential for TV stations seeking to reach younger audiences and viewers overseas out of their region’s satellite coverage. Furthermore, the service allows TV stations to have more control over the monetization of their content.

The stream is captured directly from satellite and rebroadcast on the Internet using our multiscreen player, saving TV stations the need to invest in an encoding PC, or even a stable Internet connection for feeding the stream through the player to their OTT viewers.

TV Streaming service is available with a number of innovative add-ons as well: Rewind and Time Shift. With rewind, customers can rewind back during the broadcast, while timeshift allows channels to feed the same content as if it were live to several different timezones.

Elements Systems operates in three areas key to transforming the Arab broadcast market: content delivery networks (CDNs), broadcast system integration and content development. Elements Systems has CDN nodes at key Arab teleports and key country markets, among them, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The company provides integrated broadcast solutions in partnership with BlackMagic Design, ClearCom, DVEO, Miranda, PlayBox, Sony, among others. To complete the circle, Elements Systems provides its growing customer base with Content Development solutions revolving around 3D channel identity executions, post-production services, content transcoding, video centric web development.

About Elements Systems (www.elementssys.com) Elements Systems operates out of the Arab world in three key broadcast market areas: content delivery networks, broadcast system integration, interactive content production. Operating in these three areas of next generation broadcasting, we deliver solutions that create real value for our clients every day, so that we can change the face of the Arab broadcast industry, one experience at a time.