• Harmony
  • Presence
  • Reliability

About Elements Systems

Elements Systems is managed and run by a growing team of intelligent, hard working and motivated youth experienced in three key broadcast market areas: content delivery networks, broadcast system integration, interactive content production. Using this experience, we deliver solutions that create real value for our clients every day. Most important, because system integration is at the core of our experience, we appreciate the importance of harmony, starting with how we function as a team, how we treat our clients, and how we form our outlook on the society and community in which we operate in.

Our Values

Harmony, with ourselves, amongst our team members, with our suppliers and partners, with our shareholders most important our customers.

Presence, at key teleports across the Arab world, adding new locations quarterly, with experiences that reach users on any device, any time.

Reliability, as we build out all our solutions with 99.999 availability with redundant hardware, diverse connectivity and best practices.

Our Vision

We want to change the Arab world one content experience at a time and be at the heart of the transformation of the broadcast industry in the Arab world.

We provide conventional and new media broadcasters with the infrastructure services they need to deliver multi-screen experiences via teleports, IPTV networks, mirror their broadcast on the Internet and OTT/STB devices, and smart devices (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows).


We are partners and resellers for a variety of high-value broadcast market brands: Sony, Miranda, PlayBox, Adtec and Dveo. We build solutions around these brands, and our integration experience for Arab TV station clients, government agencies, news organisations and production houses.


We feel right at home with video, and understand how to create, package and transform it from one content format into another, making sure your content is multi-screen ready. We have artists, animators, developers, engineers and editors all working together to create engaging content.